SINCE 1994



"The best pleasure in creating my brand is the creativity, not accepting the ordinary.
I don't develop products and services,   I create experiences and emotions to be remembered".
- Stefania Borrelli -

Living by our values

Stefania Borrelli Pure and Natural Italian Lifestyle is a Personal Brand and independent business which applies consistent values while pursuing a long-term vision: independence from the common market trends is at the heart of her spirit.

Our core values:

To preserve and promote the original pureness of Italian Lifestyle, Language, Culture and Well-being.





To create inspiring and unique Italian experiences that enhance people lives through Language, Culture and Well-being. It's more than a business for us. It's a lifestyle that makes you feel good.



A Mission without compromise. Stefania doesn't follow " the commercial trends". She is truly passionate in what she does and  likes to inspire people in a natural and more traditional way.


The woman behind the brand

Stefania Borrelli, born and raised in Rome, doesn’t follow the common market trends: she is oriented instead towards a more spiritual and natural vision of the world. She has a straightforward approach, an eclectic philosophy and a visionary style. The brand is a concept developed with a free and instinctive creativity. She likes to go against the tide, to move forward and beyond and to envision the unexplored possibilities. By creating her brand, she wants to pay her personal tribute to Italy: it's her sincere act of Love for her country .
An Italian heart and soul, above all she is a Citizen of the world.


An Italian Language Instructor since 1994.  Until 2003 she was Italian Language instructor in Rome by providing tailor-made classes to the Diplomatic Corp of 19 Embassies, introducing newly arrived Diplomats to the beautiful and rich Italian language and culture. For ten years she worked as Italian teacher for International Organizations and the Embassies of: Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Venezuela, Japan, Japan to the Holy See, Indonesia to the Holy See, Malaysia, Thailand, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Republic of Cyprus, Saudi Arabia, Egypt. She lived in Rome for forty years. When she moved to Canada she soon found herself surrounded by misappropriations of the Italian language and culture, of the true original concept of Italian Lifestyle: a pure and natural concept lost even in many parts of Italy. By creating her brand, she wants to pay her personal tribute to Italy. As it once was.



A Certified Professional Aromatherapist since 2009 and Essential oil Therapy Product Formulator, she began her holistic journey in 1979, in her native country, always looking for more natural ways of healing and maintaining health. Stefania Borrelli, involved in the Art and Science of Herbalism and Natural Perfumery since she lived in Rome, recognized the need for a cultural luxury brand that would express the uniqueness of Italy, her country’s heritage and history. She is an independent creator of fine skin care products and fragrances, innovative and original creations for limited and exclusive distribution. She pursued her studies in Advanced Clinical Aromatherapy, Ayurveda and Natural Perfume Creation in USA and in Grasse (Provence, France). Professional Member of the Alliance of International Aromatherapists (AIA) from 2009 to 2015, Member of the Board of Directors of AIA in 2014-2015. Some of her Clinical Studies were published in USA and Ireland. She conducts aromatherapy consultations; designs all-natural, customized aromatherapy products for individuals and wellness centers.