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Thank you for your passion, knowledge and commitment to helping those who suffer mental illness. Thank you for the amazing workshop. Everyone enjoyed it immensely ! Stefania is my favorite and best essential oil expert.
Nicole Loreto, Vice President, Communications & Partnerships, The Royal Mental Health Centre, Ottawa


We just finished a great workshop on aromatherapy with women in recovery with the fabulous aromatherapist Stefania Borrelli who shares tips on the use of essential oils that have a positive effect on mental health. Great learnings and information exchange! Dr. Nicole Loreto, The Royal Mental Health Centre - January 13th , 2018

I use the balm you made for me for arthritis, bone, nerve and muscles pain on my whole hip, back area and my knees. It absorbs nicely and I apply it before bed as part of my evening routine. Also the body oil helps and if I am feeling really achy I use the roll on after showering and it does make it a little easier to move around.  Mostly I sleep better after using the oil so that helps make the next day better.
Susan K. , Ottawa

I have been using Giardino delle Rose (Rose) Face Cream for over a month now and I absolutely LOVE IT !!  Fragrance, texture and skin restorative properties are totally stellar.  My skin is typically on the sensitive side with some dryness and redness and I can honestly see an improvement in both tone and texture.  I am impressed that it is both lovely to use and also highly effective.  Keep up the great work !  Beth W., Ottawa


“I have tried numerous products in Stefania's  wellness line, including the  Dolce e Solare  face cream,  Respira balm and inhaler,( relief of cold symptoms)  as well as the Ristora oil ( relief from arthritis and muscular pain), the Rigenera hairspray is amazing leaving my fine, colour treated hair, full of body and eliminating frizz. Stefania's expertise  and passion for aromatherapy and wellness  is exemplified not only in her excellent and varied  product line, which she customizes  as needed,  but in her caring approach . Looking forward to trying more!!! 
Frances F. - Ottawa



Stefania’s knowledge and beautiful Italian charm make “The Healing Power of Aromatherapy” Workshop a real gem. I recommend her highly to share the wisdom of healing aromas with as many people as possible.
Christine G. – Owner – Kundalini Yoga Teacher – , Ottawa


In 2005 I had a back surgery, laminectomy and disectomy operation on my L4 / L5 disc.  Since then, I have tried various pain relieving creams, oils, and gels since lower back pain is a constant in my life.  I am currently doing a doctorate at Ottawa University and my sedentary life, stress, and lack of sleep often cause lowe back pain.  Happily, I discovered Stefania’s “Balm with Italian Pino Mugo (Mountain Pine) andAbete Bianco (White Fir) oils.”  It worked instantly!  It smells wonderfully, it’s not greasy, does not stain clothes, and relieved my back pain.  I strongly recommend this cream for anyone with pain but also HIGHLY recommend Stefania’s classes… she is a kind, talented, knowledgeable, good hearted person and I am so happy I met her.
Karla F.R. – San Francisco , California


I love to quickly rub on tiny amounts of SB body oil after the shower. Risana is perfect after the gym and Vitalita' for a change on special days. The skin feel just perfect and the delicate scent invigorates my whole being. The amounts needed are so small it is affordable. I feel greatly comforted that I do not need to worry about the ingredients in the oils and creams that I use on my face and my body because Stefania makes the blends fresh.  Also,  I have used the Foresta balm every day for two whole winters and every day in between... I am so happy , 2 winters I have not had cold! Wonderful." Love it and want to try all your different products.
Britt B. - Ottawa


Respira Balms works wonders !  My wife had a  persistent cough for 4 months and now it's gone after  using the balm for 3 days .
Denis M. - Gatineau



" Also this year in Casalvento (Castellina in Chianti) Stefania came to visit us. An experienced aromatherapist who always looks for novelties and functional products to put in her natural cosmetics. It is a welcome and stimulating visit. We confront  each other on current topics of production technique and new therapeutic items. She asks me to be present in the company, to reserve as much time as possible for her, she takes notes, takes pictures and memorizes. I try to give her everything I can, all I can.
She comes once a year  and if I have to be honest, I look forward to her visit, I  prepare it and take care of each detail because Stefania is really special and deserves to enter our production center from the main door and with the respect due for a culturally evolved and prepared person.
Meticulous and curious nothing escapes her and when she is particularly interested in a specific subject  she  repeats the questions: the first time I thought I was wrong, then I realized she wanted to understand the smallest details to the full. I know her well now, it's been years she has visited Tuscany on purpose and I love not to disappoint her. This year I let her know with important products advances that we have not yet released. We have in stock big news in the field of Hydrolats and Essential Oils. She has  already seen them ... I would say our world premiere !!!. It is true and she knows it. She also knows that she cannot talk about it for some more months, when the patent procedure is over.  As we do with serious people I trusted her and did well; do the same as well. Follow her news and you will find it interesting to find out what she already knows. A smile from Italy, Stefania !"

Lorenzo Domini - Owner of Lavanda del Chianti - Medical Doctor, Master in Internal Medicine, PhD in Clinical Pharmacology, Consultant of Pharmaceutical Industries


The inhaler really helps me for my migraine. Since I use it, I take less pills. Wow! Thank you, thank you, thank you! My parents were visiting us last weekend and my mother tried it and was surprised by the rapid change in her pain. So she wants it! Chantal M. – Ottawa


Congratulations ! Excellent, very interesting workshop! ”
(Healing with Essential oils: Anti-bacterial and antiviral essential oils Workshop)
Paul Grof – M.D., PhD, FRCPC – Director of the Mood Disorders Centre of Ottawa


Scent Inhaler.jpg
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rigenera cream3.jpg

Stefania makes the most amazing customized face creams. I have been using her specially blended face cream for about 6 years now.
I love the light and warmth of the sun and have been able to enjoy time in the sun without the use of toxic sun screens – Stefania always uses oils that are natural sun screens when she makes my face cream as she knows I love my time in the sun. I have not burned a bit – even my forehead which I have burned quite badly a couple of times while on winter vacations further South. In fact I had quite a nice tan – only borrowing sunscreen for my forehead when spending the day at my friend’s pool.
 As I told the other students in my Yoga class I had to purchase face cream (that I had used previously) from a local Health Food store and save Stefania’s face cream for special occasions. This comment brought a chuckle from my fellow classmates! I was so glad to be able to return to daily use of Stefania’s face cream. I am 62 years old and have been told I look wonderful in spite of the time I spend in the sun!
Susan K. - Ottawa


I just wanted to tell you about my amazing experience with the pine blend “Magica Valgardena” including pino cembro. I find that lately, my headache has become more frontal, and I think it’s sometimes related to my sinuses. Also, I was “craving” something refreshing. So I put a dab of the oil under my nose, and a few minutes later, my left nostril became congested. So I blew my nose, and felt significantly better. I think some of the fluid in my sinuses had drained. I have had very pleasant experiences with other oils, but never such an immediate and direct effect! Also, after I blew my nose, I felt that the scent of the oil produced some sort of brief euphoria that I cannot even describe. So fascinating and almost as though I was momentarily elsewhere.
Kristina K – Ottawa, Ontario


I have recently tried the Valgardena body oil and I find it refreshing and intoxicating for the senses….I am now addicted to this beautiful body oil and want to spray it on more than once a day but trying to refrain so it will last me longer. A must to try!
Ginette G. Gatineau, Quebec


My daughter has sustained some nasty chemical burns on her hands after working with lime mortar and wondered if you might help me with it ...... One month later...... : The balm you made for my daughter is absolutely amazing.... she is almost totally recovered and is so so grateful. Thank you again for your wonderful assistance. Jane B. Ontario


I like natural healthy products in general. But I didn’t really think much of it compared to brand name products. But change happened. I don’t usually use perfume since most of them are too strong and suffocate me in the end. One day I tried her product for fun. As I used it, I realize how good it is. And I tried another perfume, and scent inhalers, and face cream, toner, etc etc… I’m very satisfied with her products and I even switched the face toner, face cream, eye cream to her products. Her products that I use sent unique, soft, tender and most importantly comfortable. I recommend them to my family and friends.
Miki C. – Ottawa


I’ve been using the sinus blend oil in a diffuser nightly for the last two months.  It has a pleasant aroma of oregano, I do notice an increase in my ability to breathe clearly throughout the day and at night. (Justin R. – NY, USA)


It was fascinating! On behalf of everyone, thank-you so much Stefania for your presentation with our women’s group in the Schizophrenia program. It was wonderful to enjoy a moment to treat and pamper ourselves with your wonderful products. Thank-you for sharing your time and knowledge with us! I will certainly share what you’ve taught us and invite others to connect with you..
Sandra J. – MSW, RSW – The Royal Mental Health Centre, Ottawa


Dear Stefania, I would like to thank you so very much for helping me with my long standing skin problems. I must admit that I didn’t expect you to be able to help me. I have been on psoriasis medications containing steroids and cortizone for at least 6 years. Now, thanks to you, I am off these medications and doing quite well. As you said, you didn’t say you would cure my psoriasis but I can assure you that your products have improved my condition tremendously. My scalp is no longer covered in large patches of psoriasis. I can actually wear black without constantly brushing the dry skin off my shoulders!!!! I am positive that in the not too distant future my scalp will be clear and with diligent care and use of your products I can maintain a beautiful scalp and very very healthy looking hair. The skin balm and bath oil you prepared for me have helped my dry patchy and itchy skin a great deal. Again I believe that with care and time my skin will be beautiful once again. Thank you for your loving care in preparing clean, pure, products for me Stephania, I feel better just knowing that your products are prepared without preservatives. Your products have done as much for me in one month than the 6 years of strong and potentially dangerous prescription medications have done.
Claire D. Kanata, Ontario


I have been using the your Tooth Powder as part of my dental hygiene for three years. Along with regular flossing and annual visits to my Dentist I have experienced excellent oral health. My teeth are clean and sparkly and I enjoy very good gum health ( I am over 60). As it is Ayurvedic and made with all natural ingredients I can be assured that there are no harmful chemicals being put in my mouth and into my body.
Thanks for another awesome product, Stefania.
Susan K., Ottawa ON



I use Neroli hand cream every evening and it is wonderful! Britt B. Ottawa


I attended one of Stefania’s workshops in November, and have been using her products for a couple of months now. My two personal favorites are the Headache Relief inhaler and the Rigenera face cream. The first time I tried the inhaler, I was amazed at how much it reduced my migraine and made the symptoms more bearable. There is something very calming, refreshing and soothing about this blend, making it a welcome breath of fresh air even when you don’t have a headache!
The Rigenera Face Cream is a joy to apply, with its mixture of fluffy creaminess and little textured surprises…and it stays on your skin for hours, even the next morning. The scent is a mixture of something both familiar and intriguing, and it gave me a little mood-boosting pick-me-up when I tried it.
Stefania’s passion and energy are evident in the products she creates and will no doubt inspire new creations in the future! What I appreciate the most is that she can customize an existing product for you. So if you don’t like a particular scent, that doesn’t get in the way of you enjoying any of her amazing blends.
Kristina K , Ottawa



I smelled your essential oils at Saje Wisdom Salon Boutique in Almonte: they are absolutely beautiful! They are the most amazing oils I've ever smelled! I could tell that you put love into it. I smelled the different samples when I was there and I really liked the roll-on perfume oils especially Jasmine! Keep making them since there is a need of this type of product that elevates people’s vibration. The purpose of these oils is to really bring people closer to God. When I smelled your oils, I really felt there was something really special about your oils that I've never smelled in anybody else’s. I believe your oils are a gift because they are also for healing, there is a kind of Sacredness to your oils. When you take the oils and apply them on yourself, it is like honoring the body, this is what I feel your oils do.The oils are about honoring and healing the body, they are about lifting the vibration of the person without them even knowing it, but the intention is there. Without them realizing that it's working on them on the energetic level to lift their spirit higher and the world needs that right now, to be elevated, to be connected and that is your purpose through these oils.

Lucinda Gabriel, Quebec - Angel Intuitive, Medium, Bestselling Author & Speaker


Stefania brings incredible passion to her work and is extremely generous with her wealth of knowledge of essential oils, both scientific and esoteric. She has opened my eyes to something I didn’t know existed and can’t wait to learn- vibrational aromatherapy. To top it off, her products are diverse, and lovely. Her whipped shea butter is divine!”
Tania M. Ottawa- Ontario


I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to explain everything so clearly and in detail! I have always appreciated the time and effort that goes into your products, but now I really understand what makes a custom blend different and how to tell the difference.
Kristina K. – Ottawa

I’m really enjoying all your lovely products. The reed diffusers are great; they fill the rooms with a lovely exotic citrus scent. The face cream is exquisite and rich, perfect for our brutally dry winter climate…
Cassandra C. – Ottawa


I came to your presentation at the Royal Mental Health Centre. I learned so much and you revived and sparked my interest in helping the body in natural ways. Thank you for that. I just wanted to say one more time, that you gave life to your presentation—I couldn’t get enough of the positive energy that surrounds you because you are doing something that you clearly love. It’s so enlightening and refreshing. Few people have this effect. Anna N.  Ottawa


I was at your Aromatherapy Session this afternoon and really enjoyed myself. Hearing how passionate you were about essential oils made me (further) question my own path in life and wonder why I’m not pursuing my passion – which is holistic health…I think you’re an angel, I really do! Thank you Stefania!

Zosia G. Ottawa


The face cream just melts into my skin and a little goes a long way. I certainly have noticed a difference in my skin using your products. I do like the sunscreen oil – I like the smell – it seems to be a little more savory than the DNA oil which I also like. I like the variety of scents – I think it’s like food and wine – there are a lot of good ones so no need to limit yourself! I think at night after washing up my eyes don’t seem to be as tired looking as they have been. I am enjoying all the products. I massaged the hair oil drops into my scalp a few hours before shampooing my hair and then used the hair spray afterwards. I noticed my hair was softer and ‘behaved’ better afterwards.
Ruth H. Ottawa


“Sacred Love”perfume is so beautiful!! Also, I find that I want to spread the “Canto di Primavera” all over my bedroom- it’s so beautiful and fresh!! I’m also loving the Rasayana treatment (and actually I’m applying it to scars). Oh and I’ve used the meditation balm- when I first applied it I immediately felt this intense uplifting energy! And wow, the oils in the regenerative serum are amazing.”
Tania M. Ottawa, Ontario


I really like the products! I like the peppermint lip balm. It goes on smooth and leaves my lips soft. I am always applying lip balm, but find I do not need to apply this balm as often as others. As for the inhaler for sinus/headache, I usually get sinus headaches in the summer and often have to take something for it. I have been using the inhaler, and have only had to take something extra once so far. I like the damask rose also. The scent is not overbearing.
Diane H. – Ottawa

Thanks so much for the workshop at Rama Lotus and for the gifts!
Jen Leech – Manager Rama Lotus Yoga Center – Ottawa

Thank you for the workshop at Rama Lotus which I enjoyed. I knew nothing of essential oils before the workshop!
Lynn C. -Ottawa

The face serum is a great product! I already notice a difference in my skin. I also really like the bed linen spray, by the way. I’m realizing that the bottle size is really very big. I use it frequently and its still quite full. I love the idea of solid perfume – I had to travel without scent on my last vacation because you can’t carry liquids onto the airplane, and I don’t pack perfume in my checked baggage because I am afraid it will break. “Night in Marrakesh” Body Butter and perfume oil is the best scent I’ve ever smelled in my life. I can’t get my head around how much the aroma appeals to me!.”
Robin H. Nepean, Ontario

I have tried , the hair spray and the face cream and they are wonderful!
Sylvie H. – Ottawa

Thank you for the Arthritis Relief Balm that you developed for me. I use it twice a day and it has stabilized the arthritis inflammation on my finger joints. Continue with your great work! Your knowledge of natural products is of great personal interest. What you are doing is excellent!
Linda K.

The products that I have been using are wonderful! After only one day my skin has improved a lot, thanks to the stupendous Anti-aging serum . Stefania introduced me to her face oil product in November 2009 and I have found it an excellent product. My wrinkles have softened and my skin is much more hydrated. The anti-aging face oil has aided in educing marks and scars. I enthusiastically recommend this product!” .
Pamela C. Rockliffe, Ontario

The foot powder has helped a lot. The foot powder quickly addressed my concerns about treating any fungi I might have been exposed to being in my bare feet at Yoga studios.
Susan K. Ottawa

I am so thrilled with the products I have purchased from you. The facial tonic is so fragrant and refreshing and I really feel that it is doing something, unlike all the products I have used before. My skin feels clean and toned, without feeling dry. And the anti-aging serum is lovely to use. My skin is feeling more supple, more smooth, and beautifully soft, and I love knowing that all the products are free of harmful chemicals and that Stefania has created them specifically with my skin in mind. And it all smells so good! Thank you Stefania!
Laura D. Ottawa

I started using the products last night, the toner, the eye product and the face product ‘Rigenera’; this morning, I used the toner, face cream and eye product. So far, I like the products, and my skin feels soft.
Diane H. – Ottawa

The perfume oils are amazing – I really like the rose / jasmine. I know that oils are different and don’t often (if ever) cause people with scent sensitivities problems I’m afraid to wear it when I am out in case it makes someone uncomfortable – what is the world coming to? Anyway I do enjoy them so much and am starting to wear them even when I’m going out
Susan K., Ottawa

Thank you very much for the Workshop. It was wonderful to meet a teacher so enthusiastic, passionate and generous. You are an inspiration for me. I am very grateful for all the energy and time you have put in the workshop because it came through. Please keep me posted for the future workshops and keep up the good work
Claire S.L. Nepean, Ontario

I just love, love, love, love the moisturizing “SheAloe butter cream”. It is amazing on my skin!!!!!!! I also love love love the bath oil with Monoi de Tahiti and Babassu oil. The bath oil and the moisturizing cream will be a frequently repeated order for me. Claire D. Kanata, Ontario