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Thank you for your passion, knowledge and commitment to helping those who suffer mental illness.  Thank you for the amazing workshop. Everyone enjoyed it immensely !Stefania is my favorite and best aromatherapist.
Nicole Loreto, Vice President, Communications & Partnerships, The Royal Mental Health Center, Ottawa


It was fascinating! On behalf of everyone, thank-you so much Stefania for your presentation with our women’s group in the Schizophrenia program. It was wonderful to enjoy a moment to treat and pamper ourselves with your wonderful products. Thank-you for sharing your time and knowledge with us! I will certainly share what you’ve taught us and invite others to connect with you..
Sandra J. – MSW, RSW – The Royal Mental Health Center, Ottawa


Stefania’s knowledge and beautiful Italian charm make “The Healing Power of Aromatherapy” Workshop a real gem. I recommend her highly to share the wisdom of healing aromas with as many people as possible.
Christine G. – Shunnya Center - Owner – Kundalini Yoga Teacher – , Ottawa


Congratulations ! Excellent, very interesting workshop! ”
(Healing with Essential oils: Anti-bacterial and antiviral essential oils Workshop)
Paul Grof – M.D., PhD, FRCPC – Director of the Mood Disorders Centre of Ottawa


I came to your presentation at the Royal Mental Health Centre. I learned so much and you revived and sparked my interest in helping the body in natural ways. Thank you for that. I just wanted to say one more time, that you gave life to your presentation—I couldn’t get enough of the positive energy that surrounds you because you are doing something that you clearly love. It’s so enlightening and refreshing. Few people have this effect. Anna N.  Ottawa


Thanks so much for the workshop at Rama Lotus and for the gifts!
Jen Leech – Manager Rama Lotus Yoga Center – Ottawa

 Thank you for the workshop at Rama Lotus which I enjoyed. I knew nothing of essential oils before the workshop!
Lynn C. -Ottawa