Stefania Borrelli proudly nominates

Marty Macabante

the Best Student of 2018-2019


FIRST PRIZE: 50% Discount the next group course
SECOND PRIZE: Surprise gift

Stefania Borrelli -Pure and Natural Italian Lifestyle - periodically organizes several events to encourage students to learn and improve their Italian. This year we launch “Best Student of the Year Award”.

The Student of the Year Award is awarded to the student who not only has demonstrated excellence in the study of the Italian language but also has the potential to represent a role model for other students. The students being awarded are chosen for demonstrating the will to succeed, the constant commitment towards their studies, and the continuous efforts to achieve their personal best .

Selection Criteria:

  • Punctuality and class attendance

  • Good pronunciation

  • Constant commitment to apply grammar rules in writing and speaking, depending on each different level

  • Frequent self-correction of errors

  • Constant commitment in communicating only in Italian, either in person and via e-mail

  • Registration to a minimum of 3 courses

  • Always taking notes during classes

  • Exceptional dedication to the study of Italian

  • Doing a presentation in Italian without reading the notes : this is what we call “presentation” in Italy

  • Quality of homework

  • Passion in promoting Italian language, culture and lifestyle

Any student of all levels: Beginner, Elementary, Intermediate, Advanced
Age: between 16 and 99