Botanical Perfumery

Capturing the alluring charm and timeless elegance of Italy, our unique collection of luxurious scents will enrich you and your living space with warmth, romance and joy. They will lift your mood and rejuvenate the small pleasures of daily life. An exquisite and variegated collections of essences dedicated to all passionate seekers of Italian beauties.


Stefania Borrelli invites you to join her on a voyage of the senses, to discover unexplored scents of Italy: unique and fascinating journey through the wonderful aromas of this alluring country. It’s the olfactory memory of a lifetime. Our sense of smell is the only sense that affects our brain directly. The effect is immediate when smelling and inhaling essential oils:  powerful images are triggered and emotions experienced, before we even have time to process them. A scent can suddenly trigger the memory of your favorite place, of a treasured moment in the past or of a loved one.

(Scent of memories . . . the memory of the scent)

Stefania Borrelli Scents Collection is inspired by different places around Italy . . . lemon, mandarin, citron, neroli, bergamot and Jasmine from Amalfi Coast to Sicily . . . Rosemary, Sage, Cypress, Rose, Iris andLinden blossom in Tuscany . . .  Mimosa (Acacia Dealbata)  and Rose (mainly Rose de May) in Rome and Liguria . . . Pinus Cembra and Pinus Mugo in the Dolomites . . .  Wherever you go, Italy is an open garden which inspires emotions and memories which Stefania love to translate into a scent.  It’s a sensory journey, a unique and fascinating journey through the wonderful aromas of this alluring country. An exquisite and variegated collections of essences dedicated to all passionate seekers of Italian beauties


I tuoi profumi mi hanno portato tanto lontano che ho perso il controllo della mia testa ….  Veramente, mi hanno portato ad Anghiari, in Toscana … profumo di tiglio e gelsomino. I profumi “Paradiso” e “Shangri-la”, mi lasciano con bei sogni.  Sei una strega (una gentile strega) dei profumi!.
Sylvie R. (Quebec)

“Sacred Love” perfume is so beautiful!! Also, I find that I want to spread the “Canto di Primavera” all over my bedroom- it’s so beautiful and fresh!! ”.
Tania M. (Ottawa, Ontario)

I love the idea of solid perfume – I had to travel without scent on my last vacation because you can’t carry liquids onto the airplane, and I don’t pack perfume in my checked baggage because I am afraid it will break. “Night in Marrakesh” Body Butter and perfume oil is the best scent I’ve ever smelled in my life. I can’t get my head around how much the aroma appeals to me!.”
Robin H. (Nepean, Ontario)

Stefania brings incredible passion to her work and is extremely generous with her wealth of knowledge of essential oils, both scientific and esoteric. She has opened my eyes to something I didn’t know existed and can’t wait to learn- vibrational aromatherapy. To top it off, her products are diverse, and lovely. !”
Tania M. (Ottawa- Ontario)



Natural Perfumery is a beautiful Art which can enchant the spirit: a vacation from reality. Stefania designs a range of fragrances that capture inspiring moments by combining beauty, quality and style, daily events can become a pleasure.  Each fragrance is 100% natural, individually created using the finest essential oils and absolutes in pure Jojoba oil.

Though aromatherapy perfume is not typically available in a spray form, it may be applied sparingly to the wrists, neck or temples as needed for a light scent and aromatherapy benefits. Some people with sensitivities to fragrances find that they can wear this type of perfume.

This is because the aromatherapy perfume is made with all natural ingredients and pure essential oils, which tend to be less irritating than other, synthetic fragrances. Commercial perfumes generally contain a small amount of pure essential oil, in a mixture of other toxic chemicals and synthetic fragrance enhancers. Our natural perfumes do not contain any preservatives or additional chemicals, and is completely natural.

A natural perfume is made only from pure and natural aromatics including essential oils, absolutes, extracts and resins. Natural perfume ingredients impart an olfactory and emotional depth that synthetics lack. Also, the way it evolves on the skin and mixes with the body’s chemistry make it a singular experience.

Essential oils are natural . “Fragrance oils” or commercial perfumes are synthetic. Although they may contain essential oils as ingredients they will also contain animal and synthetic fixatives, and synthetic compounds derived from petroleum: that’s why they cause allergies.
Essential oils are not only fragrant but they are also therapeutic and have been used for centuries to improve wellbeing. They produce specific effects through skin absorption and inhalation, which is the very basis of Aromatherapy, a widely used form of natural alternative medicine.