Daily Rituals

 The use of essential oils as an ancient daily routine


Per Lui - For him


Per Lei - For her



Essential oils are some of nature’s most potent therapeutic compounds extracted from plants through steam distillation, solvent extraction or expression –  maintaining the characteristic fragrance and properties – the very essence – of the plants that they are distilled from. They have remarkable benefits for the skin, body, and mind.


Essential Oil Therapy  is the Art and Science of using essential oils of flowers and plants for specific cosmetic or healing purposes, for psychological and physical well-being. It is based on many thousands of years of medical and scientific research.

In Italy Essential Oil Therapy and natural health is highly regarded and respected.  Essential oil based products are therefore found everywhere in Italy: pharmacies, wineries and spa resorts offer different kind of pure botanical products.

Many family doctors even recommend their patients to benefit the use of essential oils and the rejuvenating effects of the thermal spas (about 380) located all over the country as a way to stay healthy and prevent aging.

It’s clear now that essential oils are an effective way to treat common and more serious ailments. The thermal and natural treatments are infact in accordance with special agreements with the National Health Service.



The ancient Romans  used essential oils to promote health and personal hygiene among their people.

The medical history of Italian spas dates back hundreds of years. The thermal springs in Italy  constitute much more than a source of relaxation and therapy with essential oils is included in the spa treatment as a way to enhance the spa experience.