The painted village


The village Furore, one of the most beautiful villages (hamlets) of Italy,  is a town and comune in the province of Salerno in the Campania region of south-western Italy , located in the Coast of Amalfi. It is commonly known as “the hidden beauty of Neverland”. The village has a long history and tradition, but until few years ago, it wasn’t observed on any map. There is no central square, and the village is hidden from the open sea . All that  you will see riving on the state road SS166 is the Fjord for which the village is famous  but you will never see the village.

VIDEO SOURCE: Hotel Bacco Furore. Voice: Italian Actor Giancarlo Giannini

 Anna Magnani and Roberto Rossellini - SOURCE: Comune di Furone

Anna Magnani and Roberto Rossellini - SOURCE: Comune di Furone

ANNA MAGNANI: The great Italian actress, born on March 7, 1908 in Rome in Via Alessandria 192, few meters from the Canadian Embassy, lived in Furore.....
It was here, in 1948, that a film crew arrived on the Amalfi Coast and chose Furore Fjord as a movie set. In the crew there was a famous couple, Roberto Rossellini and Anna Magnani, and in this setting the movie "L'amore" was made. With them, a young screenwriter called Federico Fellini . . While this movie was being made, Anna Magnani felt deeply in love with this town and bought a house there, to continue her dream ....

MORE INFORMATION: http://www.comune.furore.sa.it/

 Furore Fjord

Furore Fjord

When Anna Magnani was  shooting in the Fjord the movie"Love"  she used to go with Roberto Rossellini to taste the delicious dishes by Donna Letizia of Hotel Restaurant Bacco, with Roberto . MORE




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