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Marco Valussi - owner of Godoi - is a Clinical Phytotherapist with a specific expertise in essential oils; he works as educator, writer and consultant for the industry in the fields of herbal medicine, aromatherapy and medicinal plants. He also works as a consultant for NGOs working in the field of traditional medicine in developing countries.  He is the scientific director of FX Laboratorio Benessere srl, producer of the essential oils Gadoi; he is also  president of the  association OfficinaLessinia, dedicated to the study of aromatic plants, their traditions, biodiversity in the mountain regions, and is particularly dedicated to the economical sustainability of an aromatic industry. He gained his degree in Herbal Medicine (BSc. (Hons.)) in 1998 from Middlesex University, London, after obtaining a Diploma in Aromatherapy and Bodywork in 1995 from ITHMA.

GADOI MEANS EXCELLENCE: natural and organic essential oils and hydrolats, obtained from local, high quality plants, from a complete, controlled and completely traceable production chain.

Gadoi essential oils and aromatic waters are the result of our passion for the mountain territory, its products and its olfactory landscape. While as an association (OfficinaLessinia Association) we explored the different options we had to improve the livelihood in this mountain region, the need to create a real, working, economic driver for this fascinating territory, suffering in recent decades because of the degradation and economic crisis, has meant that in the fall of 2015 we created a company: FX Laboratorio Benessere srl.

Located in Badia Calavena, in the heart of the Lessinia, FX Laboratorio Benessere has transformed the passion of OfficinaLessinia into a commercial reality, under the brand name Gadoi.

Gadoi is a line of organic products, with a short, fully traceable production chain.

The eight actions that reveal who we are:
1. We personally manage the production chain from beginning to end – We buy personally selected varieties or cultivars best suited to our area, only from specialist suppliers in aromatic plants, we give them to our local agricultural partners so that they can grow and harvest the plants to be distilled in our distillery. We sell the finished products (essential oils and aromatic waters) through specialty retailers and / or our online shop.
2. We choose only indigenous or local plants  – We produce essential oils and aromatic waters from plants that have their habitats in the areas of Lessinia, a green paradise of rare beauty, rich in history, culture and herbal traditions. Growing and harvesting these plants in our territory is for us not only a guarantee of product quality (being the highest when plants are grown in their own habitat) but also a form of respect for the natural and human environment.
3. We create networks with regional partners – In order to offer a wider range of products, while at the same time remaining adherent to the ethics of our project, and to offer Gadoi as a blueprint for other Italian regional enterprises, we are creating a network of partners who produces essential oils and aromatic waters following our standards for cultivation, harvesting and distillation; this ensures that we work with persons who share our passion and professionalism for quality production, but also share our respect for the environment and for people.
4. We collect in the mountains – We collect and grow in mountain areas for three reasons:

1. In our mountains pollution is minimal; for decades great part of this land was not cultivated, thus reducing the level of pesticides and fertilizer into the environment.
2. The organoleptic and chemical characteristics of plants grown at medium to high altitude are very special, and although the amount of essential oil obtained is, on average, lower, the quality is not comparable to that of lowland plants.
3. We want to support mountain farming, a precious heritage from the point of view of the local economy and of land management.

5. Technical specifications – our products are certified organic, but to ensure that the entire supply chain, and our partners, always follow clear standards of production and quality, we have also drawn up a technical specifications manual to which everyone who is or will be involved in our project must adhere (local farmers and regional projects alike).
6. We ensure the traceability of the product – If you want to trace your product throughout the supply chain up to the farmer who grew the raw material, just digit its batch number on our website and you’ll be able even to see the face of the farmer.
7. We are transparent  – any occasion is good to come and visit us in the laboratory, to know better our aromatic products. You can visit our plantations, have the experience of harvesting plants and participate in a distillation. This is also a way for us to ensure the traceability of the product, showing you the real path of the materials.
8. For each production batch on the website we publish the gas-chromatographic analysis and reports, plus heavy metals and pesticides results, carried out by independent laboratories.



We only sell what we produce! The fact that sometimes you’ll find there is no more essential oil or hydrolat left is the guarantee that we only sell essential oils and aromatic waters that come from fields that we manage.

Our raw material: aromatic plants

When we start with a new growing field our agronomist selects specialized genetic material (seeds or seedlings) that is most suited to our soils and climate characteristics, and that is a source of an essential oil that meets our needs. For subsequent installations of the same botanical species we grow our own cuttings in our nursery, managing and thus controlling the complete supply chain.
The plant material is delivered to local farmers, selected both for the characteristics of their land, and for working ability and ethics. The farmers grow the plants with care, following the guidelines of the technical specifications that we drafted. Upon reaching maturity the plants are harvested in their balsamic period  and transported at our laboratory for distillation.



After harvesting we manually select only the most suitable parts and the best plants, discarding substandard, dry, diseased or withered material. Except for the few cases in which the plant has to wither or rest for a few hours, we distill immediately after the selection in one of our stills.
When gathering aromatic herbs and conifers in the wild, we follow specific guidelines on wild collection in order not to impoverish the collection area. Picking by hand we carefully choose the most luxuriant and young plants. The tree trunks of the conifers are cleaned by hand in our production site in order to distill only foliar twigs of small dimensions, reducing as much as possible the wood, because it contains an essential oil qualitatively different from that contained in the needles; all for the benefit of product quality.
Our laboratory is equipped with four stills of various sizes and types, made of stainless steel or copper, in order to distill each aromatic material in the most appropriate way. All stills have been optimized and customized by us; we can distill in water, in water and steam (direct steam) and in indirect steam, so as to produce essential oils and aromatic waters respecting our quality parameters, but also to be able to meet our clients special requirements. During the distillation we record various values such as temperature of the condensate, steam flow, pressure and moisture, keeping them as stable as possible from batch to batch in order to obtain a homogeneous product.

The laboratory is certified Food Grade.



Right after distillation, essential oils and aromatic waters are filtered to eliminate small plant particles or impurities, the essential oils are then dried to eliminate any residual traces of water to avoid fast oxidation, and are packed in bottles made of dark-purple glass, produced and certified in Europe by the company Miron Violettglass, so as to minimize the exposure of the essential oils to UV radiations, and therefore reduce the risk of oxidation. The high thickness of the glass bottles and their superior quality allows us to not use an additional packaging (cardboard box - tube aluminum etc.), thus avoiding unnecessary waste.


Essential Oil List:

White Fir, Yarrow, Eucalyptus gunnii, Helychrisum, Juniper, Lavender (high mountain), Juniper, Satureja montana, Rosemary Verbenone, Mastic, Pino Mugo

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