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Italian for Travelers

Learning Italian is simple and effective with the straightforward approach of this course for beginners (A1). This course is ideal both for those spending time in Italy for pleasure and those seeking work in the country, providing a basic level of conversational Italian in just a short time. Acting as a kind of "practical guide to Italy", the topics cover a variety of useful situations with dedicated cultural sections that introduce aspects of Italian daily life. The course includes few elements of grammar and exercises, self-assessments and a bilingual Italian-English glossary. The textbook comes complete with audio CD containing the dialogues for each lesson together with recordings of vocabulary for easy pronunciation practice.


Private Courses

Individual courses are for people who are not able to make a long-term program and are designed and arranged on an individual basis to meet your needs, for as may hours as you want, in a given period of time.

An alternative to individual lessons: two-three students who have a similar level of Italian can arrange to take “semi-individual” lessons. Ideal for friends or family members. Like individual lessons, these can be very effective if you have specific needs, or if you are unable to attend a course at the usual time.
This course will progress at just the right speed for you.
The number of lessons can be decided by the students, even if a successful individual course lasts about 15-30 hours for each level.



Group Courses

We offer two general Italian Language Courses:
Italian for Travelers
Standard Italian

We also offer different specific Italian Language Courses:
Intensive Courses
Italian for Corporate
Italian for Special Purposes
Over 65




Over 65

Are you over 65 and have the feeling that you might be out of place studying a new language? There is no age limit to learn Italian !
We have put together a special kind of language course to suit the needs and wishes of seniors who have never studied a second language or they did it many years ago. It is also for all those young at heart who would rather remain in the company of their peers and friends.
This flexible and enjoyable course is ideal for senior groups wishing to travel on holiday together or simply want to have fun and keep their brain active and young.


Programs can be customized, depending on the request, language level and number of the participants and the availability of the classroom.



Italian for special purposes

Custom-made Language Training


The professional courses consist of the Standard Course
(15 -30 HOURS) plus 5-10 lessons that focus on terminology from the selected professional field.






Italian for Flight Attendants

This is a course for cabin crew members who'd like to be able to communicate with Italian passengers in their native tongue. Languages are a valuable asset for flight attendants: many airlines pay extra for language skills or require knowledge of a foreign language for promotion.
Topics that will typically be discussed during the course:

1. Reading and improvising announcements (bring your own or rely on our experience with airliners);
2. Aviation related vocabulary;
3. Simple conversation skills with special emphasis on polite and courteous Italian;
4. Catering: food and beverages plus communicating with caterers on the ramp and other ground staff;
5. Linguistic training for difficult situations on board: dealing with delays, connecting flights, special assistance passengers, emergencies;
6. Generic traveler's vocabulary;
7. Language tips for your layover: hotel check-in, shopping, ordering meals, etc.