" I like to teach  tourists how to see my Italy with “Italian eyes” and to explore it with a “Roman heart”.

Stefania Borrelli







A unique travel experience accompanied by your Italian teacher
Language and History . . . Art and Music . . . Wine and  Cuisine … Flavors and Colors …
An experience for your senses, and exploration of your Soul. A  delight for your heart.

PRICE PER DAY : $ 100 + hst
DURATION: Min. 3 days, max 6 days
PARTICIPANTS: Min 4 , max 12
WHERE: Location vary, depending on the season and events: Rome, Amalfi Coast, Tuscany, Umbria, Friuli Venezia Giulia, etc.. We will communicate the accommodations (hotel or historic houses) where we will stay during our "Walking Tour" and you can book personally at a discounted price.
INDIVIDUALS OR COUPLES OR ONE-DAY TOUR: it's possible to organize private or semi-private mini Italian walking tours, depending on the program, time schedule, and availability of the instructor in that specific period of time.  Please contact info@stefaniaborrelli.ca


Price includes about 6 hours of full Italian language, life and culture immersion with your teacher:

  • 2 hours of Italian language class in hotel (terrace, roof garden, conference room, park, etc...) or

  • Unique language lessons, different every time, which are tailored to the needs and interests of the participants.

  • Classes will take place while walking or at the restaurant, in the bus, train, ferry boat or while shopping, in the hotel garden or at the villa and they will take inspiration from the surroundings.

Stefania will be with you during the morning till early afternoon. Different activities

will be organized during the tour, depending on the location, season, etc.:  wine tasting, walking food  tour, hiking,  visits to museums, galleries or historic gardens, concerts, etc..


This is a "Learn Italian Walking Tour": a full immersion Italian instruction with your Italian Teacher . Price does not include restaurant, museum tickets, wine or food tasting cost, train,  bus  or ferry boat tickets, etc.



This Language and Cultural tour is designed for those who have a passion for all things Italian. It allows students – as well as the ones who have never studied Italian –  to immerse themselves fully in the wonders of Italian tradition, focusing on language, culture and cuisine.  The full immersion approach with an Italian teacher from Rome, is created to encourage interaction with the locals and ensures that each student will maximize his or her potential in learning Italian, being exposed to the true essence of Italian life.

VILLA LUPPIS (Friuli Venezia Giulia) - One of our class location

VILLA LUPPIS (Friuli Venezia Giulia) - One of our class location




  1. If you really want to take some time for yourself and escape your daily routine to spend a few days in a country blessed by countless beauties.

  2. If you want get a local cultural experience vs just a tourist experience.

  3. If your wish is to experience the essence of Italian culture and learn Italian language – the world’s most enchanting language – in a joyful environment and effortless way.

  4. If being immersed in the local social Italian life and speak with “real” Italians has always been your dream.

  5. If you have always wanted to experience the magic of Italy and the passions of its people

  6. Language and art, history and music, food and wine, flavors and colors : an experience for your senses, and exploration of your Soul, a delight for your heart.

  7. If you want to see a relaxed, rejuvenated new you.

  8. If you want to re-write the book of your life: going to Italy is a timeless love story, a charming and joyous journey to Italian language and culture.

  9. A Sensorial Journey to Wonderland which will softly invade your soul, your mind and your heart.

   10. A Journey into Memory. . . you will never forget.



Zip Line Furore-Conca dei Marini

. . .   We may visit some film locations or visit some Caffe' in Rome where . . .  never knows, we may meet famous Italian celebrities.
Photo on the left: Luca Spaghetti, from the movie "Eat Pray and Love" . On the right : Alessandro Gassman (movie: "
La Donna della mia vita")


Stefania is an experienced, dedicated teacher of Italian who not only knows the language of Italy, but is intimately familiar with the customs, the foods and culture of Italy, and infuses her lessons with a contagious enthusiasm for all things Italian! Italian lessons with Stefania are more than just the learning of another language, but afford the student the opportunity of learning about a different culture, a different way of life, as well as learning how to speak authentic Italian.  I can’t imagine studying Italian with anyone else. To study Italian with Ms. Borrelli will not only start you on your way to learning a language, but will also enrich your life. – Ernie Cox – Ottawa

Stefania Borrelli has been a teacher of Italian language to the staff of the Malaysia Embassy in Rome and to me personally. I have found her to be an effective teacher who is able to modify her methods according to the needs of her individual student’s ability, cultural and language background. I write this testimonial with all sincerity and assure you that you will enjoy her pleasant, cheerful and friendly nature. She is also interested in introducing new comers to Rome to the rich cultural and musical event in the city. I do not hesitate to recommend her as a young lady of the highest calibre. Datin Christie Vengadesan - Wife of the Malaysian Ambassador to Italy in Rome .


If you want to see Rome from a native's perspective, Stefania Borrelli is the person to show it to you. She knows the real Rome, the hidden Rome, like her own backyard and gives you an appreciation of the city that will enhance your visit immeasurably.   Anthony C. - Ottawa


In a recent trip to Europe with my husband and another couple, we were fortunate enough during the Italian portion of our vacation, to have Stefania Borelli assist us with many aspects of our stay there. Firstly, she was able to book us a wonderful Bed and Breakfast spot in Rome, very close to the bus transportation system which we used quite a lot to get us around that great city. She also spent time explaining how to use the bus system since no-one really wanted to attempt driving in Rome! When it came to restaurant selection, Stefania’s knowledge of the city meant that we ate at some of the most delightful and picturesque places that served lovely Italian food and wines, without breaking the bank at each stop. She also acquainted us with a small coffee shop that served, without doubt, the best coffee in the world. When we were on sight-seeing excursions, Stefania’s guidance was invaluable. She was able to get us into places like the Vatican - and in particular the Sistine Chapel - without having to wait in long line-ups. She knew how to get to the regular tourist attractions quickly, and led us down many a winding cobbled street to buy gelato on a hot afternoon. When it came time to leave Rome and move on, Stefania booked a hotel for us in Sorrento, high on the cliffs overlooking the ocean. Although she was not with us for this portion of our vacation, her suggestions about where to go (Capri, Positano) and how to get there were extremely useful, and we followed her advice all the way. We really were fortunate to have had her as our guide and helper.  - Trayten & Joyce Jensen - Ottawa

"The inhabitants of the Coast are crazy, inebriated by the sun. But they know how to live, availing themselves of a strength which few of us possess, that of fantasy" (Roberto Rossellini - film maker)