Alpino Balm

Alpino Balm


From Italian: Alpine

Balsamic and woody

A blend of 100% pure essential oils from Val Pusteria (Italian Alps): Norway Spruce oil, Mountain pine (dwarf) oil, Larch oil, Swiss stone pine oil . These oils are well known for centuries for their expectorant and anti-inflammatory effects, to relieve pain caused by muscle tension. They can stimulate circulation, reduce muscle spasms and help ease symptoms of colds, flu, congestion and sinusitis.

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ESSENTIAL OILS ORIGIN: White Fir from Trentino, Pino Mugo from Trentino or Alto Adige, Larix from Trentino, Pino Cembra from Alto Adige

Ingredients: Cera Alba, Olea europaea (olive) Fruit Oil, Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil, Picea Abies, Pino Mugo, Larix Decidua, Pinus Cembra, vit. E

Essential oils properties:
White Fir (Picea Abies)

How to use it: Applicable for massages and to rub in. In the morning and evening put a little amount of balm on the affected spot and massage in. You can massage a small amount onto your feet , chest , knee, behind the back of the neck . Use daily if needed.