Gardenia Perfume Oil

Gardenia Perfume Oil



Botanical Name: Gardenia Jasminoides
Origin: Colombia
Aromatic properties: calming, anti-depressant

100% Pure Organic Gardenia Essential Oil in a blend of Jojoba oil

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Aroma: one of the most precious oils in the world and known for its rarity and heavenly aroma .Soaring, sweet, delightful and delicate. 

Gardenia Essential Oil – Enfleurage (Organic) cannot be distilled like most essential oils due to the delicate nature of the flowers. Enfleurage was the traditional method of extraction used in the 18th and 19th centuries and into the early 20th century. Enfleurage is an ancient technique of extracting essential oils from flower petals by layering the flower petals on trays of fat. Over time, the essential oils migrate to the fat and then essential oils are separated using organic alcohol. Then the essential oils are slowly separated from the alcohol resulting in pure essential oils with a truly wonderful aroma. Our modern version of enfleurage uses sustainably cultivated organic palm oil or organic coconut oil for the “fat”. Gardenia flowers are too delicate for steam distillation.

The entire process of extracting the organic Gardenia essential oil it done by hand using very low heat and no harsh chemical solvents. The process for producing the Gardenia Absolute by Enfleurage is quite labor intensive and requires many pounds of gardenia flower petals per ml of oil, but the results are astounding. The aroma of our Gardenia Enfleurage is quite wonderful though somewhat different from the aroma of the actual gardenia flower. Definitely not as sweet as southern gardenia.