Oud Perfume Oil

Oud Perfume Oil


L'Huile Parfum Oil Roll-On


Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, Aquilaria agallocha /crassna stem extract

COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: Malaysia, Thailand, India. Oud from Cambodia and Vietnam coming soon

AROMA: Woody, deep, earthy, animalic, warm, this evokes ancient times

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VIDEO SOURCE: Scent From Heaven Featured Documentary


USES: In natural perfumery, or meditation or sacred blends.
The oil can be applied onto your pillow to help you sleep. You can enjoy the scent by applying it to burners and diffusers. It can be used topically, as a perfume or in a bath to help you relax.

Prized for its rich, wonderful and healing fragrance. The most potent aphrodisiac of all theessential oils.
Often difficult to obtain. Its value is greater than pure gold, often far greater!

Oud, Oudh, Gaharu, Aloeswood, Eaglewood, Jinko are few other names of Agarwood Oil. It is highly fragrant, extremerly rare & valuable, which we obtain from wild & trees of Aquillaria agollocha. It is also known as perfume of the Sultan.

 It originates in North Eastern India, Bhutan and parts of South East Asia – especially Vietnam and Cambodia – the Philippines, and Indonesia, including Papau New Guinea. Agarwood has a very long history of medicinal use, as a valuable component of incense, and as an aromatic oil. There are several species of Agarwood, the most important species are: Aquilaria agollocha, A. malaccensis and A. crassna

Agarwood is a very complex, deep woody fragrance, reminiscent of amber. It has a balsamic, ambergris, woody, deep fragrance. To experience the many nuances of this unique substance is like a journey on the road to spiritual perfection.

The fragrance of Agarwood comes from a process where fungi infect the trees, producing an oleoresin which saturates the wood. It is through this oleoresin saturated wood where Oud develops its aroma.
The fragrance is complex, deep and woody, and is highly prized as an incense in Japan and as an oil in the Middle East. Because of its rarity, Agarwood is not well known in the West, but should be experienced by every connoisseur of essential oils, and anyone serious about aromatherapy and natural perfumery.

There are few natural aromatics that have as complex a scent spectrum as agarwood (oud). Natural ambergris, musk and sandalwood also rank as some of the most valuable natural fragrances, but none come close to oud in the sheer transcendence and sublimity its fragrance boasts.

There are many grades of Agarwood, and the highest quality wood is extremely expensive. In fact, the first-grade wood is one of the most expensive natural products in the world, with prices of up to $13,000 per pound, and the essential oil from wild agarwood trees is one of the most expensive oils in the world.

Agarwood calms the nervous system, expels negative energies, brings alertness, relieves anxiety, invokes a sense of strength and peace and enhances cerebral functioning.

Agarwood isused for a spiritual journey, enlightenment, clarity and to bring the deep peace necessary for meditation.  It brings communication with the transcendent, refreshes the mind, body and spirit. It is said that prayers arise with the fragrant smoke of agarwood incense carry the prayer to the Creator.

Buddhists use agarwood for transmutation of ignorance. Tibetan monks use it to bring energy to calm the mind and spirit. The Sufis and Japanese Shaman use agarwood oil in their esoteric ceremonies. It enhances mental clarity, opens the third eye and all of the upper charkas while calming the entire system.


The resin is also used in perfumery. Yves Saint Laurent, Amouage, Dior, Tom Ford, Estee Lauder, to name a few –  have started to incorporate agarwood scents into their perfumes.





If kept away from sunlight, extreme temperatures and moisture, this perfume oil can last up to 2-3 years.