What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a gentle, natural, non-invasive ancient and scientific healing art, which is based on the premise that there are zones and reflex areas in the feet and hands, which correspond to all glands, organs, parts and systems of the body. The physical act of applying pressure to and stimulating these reflex points (nerve endings) by using specific thumb, finger and hand techniques results in stress reduction, which promotes positive physiological changes in other areas of the body.


Lavender, Grapefruit, Mandarin, Clementine, Bergamot, Clary Sage, Sweet Orange,  Pine.

COST: $ 60 + HST / 60 MINUTES

Booking Appointments

Via e-mail at or telephone: 613-857.8705 .  24 hours are required to confirm a booking request.

Please arrive 10 minutes before your appointment .

Cancellation Policy
A minimum of 24 hours notice is required or full fee applies.




2009 - Certificate in Reflexology - Canadian Institute of Natural Health and Healing
1999 - Chinese Foot Reflexology Training Course - Rome (Italy) with Dr. King Jie (Hospital of Shanghai)

Different techniques are applied and combined for the treatments, depending on the cases:

  • On Zon Su (Chinese Reflexology) - China

  • Ingham and Buyers (Modern Reflexology) - USA

  • Angelo Luciani (Psychosomatic Reflexology) - Italy


How Does Reflexology Work?

Each foot has 7,200 nerve endings, 26 bones, 10 ligaments and 19 muscles. It is believed that as we go about our daily lives, minute amounts of waste containing lactic acid, uric acid, calcium and various other by-products develop as the nervous system communicates with the body. When the body is overstressed these waste products build up and are carried along the nerve paths to the extremities. Here they settle in and cause blocked energy and circulation.

The body’s image is mirrored on the foot in miniature, with each foot representing one half of the body. When pressure is applied to reflex areas, messages are transmitted to the brain through the nervous system and the body responds by working toward a biologically balanced state. The reflexologist assists the body in triggering its own natural healing process by stimulating the reflexes and by breaking up those deposits. As a result, blood circulation improves and nerve functioning increases. Tension in the corresponding area is relieved, toxins are flushed out and the body’s energy flow is cleared enabling the body systems and the body to heal itself and function more effectively.

What are the Benefits of Reflexology?

Reflexology primary function is to induce an optimal state of relaxation conducive to healing. It promotes the body’s marvelous ability to adjust and balance during times of stress.
There is an old Chinese saying:
“To know your feet is to feel content.”
The word “foot” in Chinese carries the meaning as “satisfaction”, or”plenty”.


Releases tension – Reduces stress – Stimulates the brain – Improves Immune System – Relieves muscle pain – Increases energy – Improves circulation – Expedites the healing process – Creates balance in the body – Motivates


Visiting Stefania for a reflexology treatment was a healing experience as well as a feast for the senses.  From the happy greeting at her door, the freshly brewed pot of tea, the relaxing music and her un mistaken gift for healing massage… I am very glad to have stumbled upon her website. I came to Stefania for treatment because I was experiencing major digestive issues, very low energy and an overall sense of unbalance.  After even one session together, I felt my body was able to relax more deeply and my digestive system breathed a sigh of relief.  After a few sessions together, the effects were more significant and wonderful.  I appreciated her attentiveness and she even taught me some personal techniques that I still do at home for myself.  Thank-you Stefania!” – Trish M.


I attended four sessions with Stefania and found them quite enjoyable. I was surprised at how sure-touched Stefania seemed to be and even more astonished that she seemed to be able to tell from week to week, just from touching my feet (and later my hands) what parts of my body had been injured in the past, when I had a headache or was congested, when I was stressed and when I was carrying that tension (neck, etc.).
She has convinced me that reflexology may be a good tool for me to help deal with the stress in my life. Stefania is wonderful company and she has a notably healthful and happy outlook to life. I would be happy to answer any question about my sessions with Stefania.
(Robin H., Nepean)


This was my first experience with reflexology and I enjoyed it very much. As a Dental Hygienist working long days in awkward positions, I hurt all over. Stefania provided a professional yet comfortable environment. All treatment was explained thoroughly which made me feel confident with this treatment. I don’t think I haven’t felt this good in a long time! (Anna L., Ottawa)


I had the privilege to receive three treatments of reflexology from Mrs. Stefania Borrelli. I received a few reflexology treatments in the past, but I found that the treatments given by Mrs. Borrelli were much more beneficial and satisfactory than the previous ones. I attribute this to the restful and peaceful environment created by Mrs. Borrelli, her respectful approach, as well as her technical skills. I came out of each of these three sessions with a general feeling of well being.
I also experienced temporary relief of a few acute pains at the neck and at the lower back. I plan to continue to use Ms. Borrelli’s services in the future and will certainly recommend her services to friends and any other persons who could benefit from reflexology treatments. (Ginette S., Chelsea)


Stefania gave me my first session of reflexology ever. It was very relaxing and although I do not have any serious health issues, she was able to identify sore spots in my hip just from feeling my feet! She has a very gentle and respectful manner and I would not hesitate to recommend her services.
(Terri. I., Nepean)


I attended several Reflexology appointments with Stefania Borrelli. Although I had heard of Reflexology, I had never experienced it first-hand before. I found the sessions with Stefania to be very rejuvenating to my body and relaxing to my spirit. During the process, I felt a centering of my energy and a draining of negativity. It was amazing to feel the touch of one body part affecting the sensations on a totally different area.
Stefania put me at ease during the session and was extremely professional in her attitude and approach. I certainly plan to attend more sessions. I will also highly recommend Stephania Borrelli and Reflexology to both my friends and colleagues.
(Catherine K,. Nepean)

Reflexology can assist in conditions such as:

* Allergies
* Arthritis
* Asthma
* Back Problems
* High Blood Pressure
* Bowel Disorders
* Constipation
* Eczema
* Frozen Shoulder
* Gynecological Disorders

* Insomnia
* Knee Problems
* Multiple Sclerosis
* Fibromyalgia
* Neck Problems
* PMS/Hormonal problems
* Respiratory problems
* Sinusitis
* Golfer’s/Tennis elbow
* Thyroid Imbalance