Swiss Stone Pine Bags

The bag contains aromatic wood shavings of Swiss Stone-Pine from Val di Fiemme, Val Sarentina and Val di Funes in Trentino Alto Adige Region (Italy).

Experience the addictive essence of Pino Cembro

The Queen of the Alps

Pinus cembra, also known as Swiss stone pine, Arolla pine or Cirmolo , is a species of pine tree that grows in the Alps.  Beds and furniture made of the very aromatic smelling Pinus cembra wood are very popular within the Alpine region of Europe.

Whether it's a gift, article of daily use or purely to experience wonderful well-being feeling found the right thing in Pino Cembro. It will make your bedroom or workplace into a regenerative comforting oasis. 


Swiss Stone Pine - 1 Bag - $ 18 + hst

100% Made in Canada, filled individually by hand with the original Swiss stone pine shavings coming from sustainable forests of Italian Alps. If you want to re-fragrance the bag we recommend the 100% pure .

A pleasant mountain scent in your bed: a comforting effect for your mind and your heart.

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"I just wanted to tell you Stefania about my amazing experience with the pine blend “Magica Valgardena” including pino cembro. I find that lately, my headache has become more frontal, and I think it’s sometimes related to my sinuses. Also, I was “craving” something refreshing. So I put a dab of the oil under my nose, and a few minutes later, my left nostril became congested. So I blew my nose, and felt significantly better. I have had very pleasant experiences with other oils, but never such an immediate and direct effect! 
Kristina K – Ottawa, Ontario

"I have recently tried the Valgardena body oil with Pino Cembro and I find it refreshing and intoxicating for the senses…. I am now addicted to this beautiful essenceand want to spray it on more than once a day but trying to refrain so it will last me longer. A must to try!"
Ginette G. Gatineau, Quebec


Swiss Stone Pine - 3 Bags - $ 45 + hst




Relax and recharge your batteries with Pino Cembro bag in your office.

Studies about the Swiss Pine

The positive qualities of the timber of the “Queen of the Alps”  have been appreciated and used for many centuries. For the first time this experiential knowledge has been subjected to an empirical scientific analysis. Scientists at the Human Research Institute in Weiz (Austria).