Primiracconti is a series of easy readers for adult students and for teenagers .
Each story is followed by:

  • Brief notes, well-balanced to the text, explaining the most difficult words, expressions and colloquialisms that are commonly used in Italy;

  • Original and beautiful designs to both facilitate comprehension and make reading more enjoyable;

  • Pre-reading questions to help students/readers become more involved and reflect on the text;

  • Activities aiming to develop various skills, mostly those related to reading comprehension and consolidation of vocabulary;

  • Keys offering students the possibility to self-evaluate their written and oral comprehension;

  • An Audio-CD including professional multi-voice reading of the text to help students grasp the accent, the pronunciation and the intonation while practicing on listening exercises.

M. Dominici
Easy readers for foreigners. Elementary level (A1-A2)

On a warm September morning, George (a university Law student) and Mario (a known and serious lawyer) have a chance encounter / car crash at an intersection in the center of Milan. For George, Mario is the image of what he aspires to be when he “grows up”, on the other hand, for Mario George is the image of his past as cheerful and carefree boy, now a distant memory. Can a car accident become the occasion for a new friendship?

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Dolomiti -


La storia di una giovane donna insoddisfatta. Un giorno, il solito treno che la porta al lavoro è in ritardo. È l’occasione per cambiare completamente. Tra incontri curiosi e strane avventure, un viaggio attraverso le montagne e i boschi delle Dolomiti alla ricerca di una nuova vita.

CAD. 18.50

C. Medaglia
Easy readers for foreigners. Elementary level (A1-A2)

Mistero in Via dei Tulipani (A1-A2) is an absorbing story, and not without twists, which takes place inside a condominium. It all starts with the murder of Mr. Cassi, the tenant on the second floor. Two sixteen-years-olds, Giacomo and Simona, decide to set out in the search of the assassin. The investigations will lead them to discover not only the murderer, but also love.

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M. Dominici
10 short stories inspired by Nuovo Progetto italiano 1.
Elementary (A1-A2)

Dieci racconti is a collection of 10 very short stories inspired by some dialogues of Nuovo Progetto italiano 1 and related to the vocabulary and grammar of the units of the course.

Many of these stories are, so to speak, "interactive", meaning that they involve students directly inviting them to complete or to guess the ending of the story and to rebuild or re-invent the plot.

To be read at home or in class, Dieci racconti can also be used as a new and different material during the winter or summer breaks. Each story is accompanied by short, simple activities that help students to understand the text and also learn some colloquial expressions. This collection is part of the supplementary material of Nuovo Progetto italiano 1

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F. Oddo
Easy readers for foreigners. Elementary-pre intermediate level (A2-B1)


Il manoscritto di Giotto (A2-B1). Who stole the manuscript? The life of the young protagonists is shaken by the theft of a priceless work, a treatise on painting which also reveals a secret about the great artist Giotto. Could the thief be among them? This is what the police seems to think and this is also what the evidence shows. The case will be solved only thanks to the friendship between the young protagonists and the careful investigation of Inspector Paola Giorgi.

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M. A. Cernigliaro
Easy-to-read literature. Intermediate level. (A2- B1)


Alberto Moravia (A2-B1) presents selected adapted stories from Gli indifferenti, Agostino, Racconti romani (Il picche nicche, Pignolo, La ciociara, Le sue giornate, La raccomandazione, Quant’è caro), La ciociara, La noia.

Moreover, the book contains a brief biography of the author, footnotes, original illustrations and a section dedicated to didactic activities with accompanying answers.

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M. A. Cernigliaro
Livello intermedio-avanzato (B2, C1)

Dino Buzzati (B2, C1) presents adapted stories selected from: La famosa invasione degli orsi in Sicilia, Il deserto dei Tartari, Un amore, Sessanta racconti (I sette messaggeri, Il musicista invidioso, Era proibito, Le precauzioni inutili, Inviti superflui, Il colombre), Il grande ritratto.
Dino Buzzati also contains the author's brief biography, footnotes, original illustrations and a section dedicated to didactic activities with keys.

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M. A. Cernigliaro
Easy-to-read literature. Intermediate level. (B1- B2)


Italo Calvino (B1-B2) presents selected adapted stories from Il giardino incantato, Il visconte dimezzato, Il barone rampante, Il cavaliere inesistente, Il castello dei destini incrociati, Le città invisibili, Se una notte d’inverno un viaggiatore, Gli amori difficili, Marcovaldo, Palomar.

Moreover, the book contains a brief biography of the author, footnotes, original illustrations and a section dedicated to didactic activities with accompanying answers.

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N.2 available


Furto a scuola (A1, A1+ level): the theft of a precious object will motivate a group of high-school students to demonstrate honesty and solidarity
Gli strani ospiti (A2, A2+): a group of friends discover something in a mountain village that will put them all in grave danger...
Un'avventura indimenticabile (B1): during a school trip to Palermo, some students from Firenze will explore unknown and frightening places of the city.
Lo straniero (A2-B1 level): an extra-terrestrial arrives in Italy and faces a range of amusing cultural and social misunderstandings.
Alberto Moravia (A2-B1 level): adapted passages from selected works of the writer.
Un giorno diverso (A2-B1 level): a man suddenly decides to completely change his life.
Il manoscritto di Giotto (A2-B1 level)*: the theft of a priceless work of art puts the two young protagonists’ friendship to the test.
Undici Racconti (B1-B2 level): eleven short stories that mix fantasy and reality.
L'eredità (B1-B2 level): Laurence abandons everything and everyone to follow her dream: create a B&B all on her own.
Ritorno alle origini (B1-B2 )level)*: a man’s trip to reveal a mystery will turn up to be a dive into his past.
Il sosia (C1-C2 level): a rich businessman, Onofrio Maneggioni, is kidnapped in front of his villa.