A Mission for Life

Stefania Borrelli is a Certified Aromatherapist from Rome, skin and body care product formulator .

  • Professional Member of the Alliance of International Aromatherapists (AIA) from 2009 to 2015.

  • Member of the Board of Director of AIA in 2014-2015. 

  • AIA International Representative in 2015.

  • Courses in Advanced Aromatherapy and Virus and Immune System from Aromahead Institute, USA.

  • Case Studies published for AIA on the benefits of Essential Oils for :  Plantar Fibromatosis  and Sebaceous Cyst.

  • She is pursuing further studies in Clinical Aromatherapy and conducts aromatherapy consultations; designs all-natural, customized aromatherapy products for individuals and wellness centers.

  •  2014 to present: she has been invited by the Royal Mental Health Care and Research in Ottawa, to lead Aromatherapy Workshops for their patients and clients on the benefits of essential oils for the emotions and general well-being.

Stefania Borrelli began her holistic journey in 1979 - at the age of 15 - in her native country when she began looking for more natural ways of healing and maintaining health. In addition to maintaining a healthy Mediterranean lifestyle, she started studying the healing system of yoga and herbs, combining European Botanical Remedies, Ayurveda (Indian Medical Science) and Chinese Medicine.
Her interest in Holistic therapies expanded in the study of Holistic Medicine, integrating Mind – Body – Spirit connection for natural health and healing.
Her intensive, continuing studies include:
Clinical Aromatherapy, Energy Healing, Iridology, Reflexology, Neuroscience, Psychology, Pathology & Physiology, Nutrition, and Meditation.
She pursued her studies in Ayurveda Healing Course by Dr. Frawler from the American Institute of Vedic Studies, Santa Fe, New Mexico.
Her deep passion in Aromatherapy and Botanics led her to take a course in Natural Perfume Creation by Mandy Aftel, from Berkeley, California, a recognized authority in Natural Perfume and a true pioneer in the modern field of Naturals.
She pursued her studies in Manufacturing Natural Products by Marie-Claire Laparé – Quebec (Director of Aromatherapy Schools in Canada, France and Maroc). In 2013 she attended a private perfume creation seminar at the “Studio des Fragrance” of Galimard House in Grasse (Provence), the first luxury Parfumeur in France.
Stefania, as a practicing aromatherapist for many years, has gained an intimate knowledge of natural essences appreciating their sumptuous qualities and understanding their healing properties.
She loves to share her lifelong passion for natural essences and to create a bridge between Ancient and Modern scents.

"Your Body is a Sacred Temple: protect it with the Treasures of Nature"



Maurice Mességué (14 December 1921-16 June 2017) was a French herbalist and author of several best-selling books on herbal medicine .

“It was 1979 – I was 15 – when I first heard about Maurice Mességué, the French herbalist who began practicing in earnest in 1947, a time when there were virtually no herbalists in North America. One day I was walking with my mother in downtown Rome and we went to a bookstore (close to Via Nazionale). . . . She realized I had a strong and deep passion for herbalism so she bought for me, as a present , Messegue's biography.  I read it and I was fascinated by his life and work ethic: it was one of the most beautiful books I have ever read ….. Since then he became my “role model” and precious source of inspiration…. it was then I firmly decided to follow in his footsteps”.

Thanks Mom,  Thanks Maurice
– Stefania Borrelli –